The YDEKians.

Meet the team behind the magic.

Creatives, developers, strategists, and of course; more developers. A passionate group of people who live and breath for interactive marketing; married with the-latest-and-greatest technology. We’re good people.

  • Matt Robenolt

    Matt Robenolt

    CEO & CTO [Head Honcho]

    Matt can be referred to as the “Head Honcho” of YDEK Productions. He thrives in lovely Youngstown, Ohio. Matt lives, breathes, dreams, and eats websites. He also likes to eat tacos and pizza! He enjoys finding ways to make the impossible, possible. Matt loves all languages of the web world. You can pretty much call him a “Web Guru”.

  • Nayef Zarrour

    Nayef Zarrour, CPA


    Nayef is a charitable person; he is always looking to help those in need. Nayef nests in the little town of Austintown, Ohio. When Nayef isn’t crunching numbers, you can find him mountain biking, playing soccer, swimming or surfing on the coast. He loves to eat hummus, chicken, and rice. Nayef is multilingual in English, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish. You’ll come to find that Nayef is an overall interesting person.

  • Bobby Hallas

    Bobby Hallas

    Creative Director

    Do you have left-overs? Bring them to Bobby! As the office “garbage disposal” he will be sure to clear them out properly. Living in the wonderful township of Boardman, Ohio, Bobby enjoys cooking a well-balanced and wholesome meal for his family of three. What might be on the menu? Chicken Paprikash with homemade Spaetzel; it’s his favorite dish. By utilizing a number of different programs, Bobby creates magical masterpieces that are as impressive as the dishes he cooks.

  • Courtney Ciavarella

    Courtney Ciavarella

    Account Manager

    Courtney is best described as the office “Mom.” She lives in a nice place to call home: Austintown, Ohio. When Courtney isn’t at work or stuffing her face with Pasta Salad, Italian Greens, Spaghetti or Chicken, she enjoys soccer, volleyball, cycling, listening to music and photography. Courtney has mastered the English language, can speak German, and knows just enough HTML to be dangerous.

  • Nick Serra

    Nick Serra

    Lead Developer

    Nick is our Johnny Cash; a party-hardy rockstar who looks good in all colors given that it’s black. Nick resides in beautiful Youngstown, Ohio and is the most sober drunk you will ever meet. But when he’s not out taking the nightlife back he’s usually out shooting photos. It should also be noted that after a lifetime of speaking the English language, Nick can finally say he has mastered it.

  • Kevin Krpicak

    Kevin Krpicak

    Frontend Developer

    Don’t let Kevin’s innocent looks fool you; he’s quite a handful around the office. Kevin dwells in the quiet town of Canfield, Ohio. He lives off of White Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Bacon Ranch Subs. Kevin is quite fond of playing Frisbee, weight lifting, and video games. Watch out! Kevin is a wiz when it comes to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery.

  • Mike Helmick

    Mike Helmick

    Backend Developer

    Flat Brim hats are what Mike chooses to accessorize with. Mike can be located in Austintown, Ohio. He enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and video games. Of all the edible elements in the world, Mike loves linguine. No matter the season, he enjoys the refreshing taste of Arnold Palmer Iced Tea. His favorite language to work with is PHP and he is awesome at it!

  • Adam Magaña

    Adam Magaña


    Having a bad day? Just look for Adam! He always has a smile on his face and a joke up his sleeve to make you laugh. Adam calls Austintown, Ohio his home and if he’s not there, he is probably out gallivanting with his camera. Adam loves photography and eating “Sammiches”. Utilizing all that he can, Adam is a jack-of-all-trades in the web world.

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